The Basis of Baazwsh´s Existence

We all know that it's hard to find subcontinental's products here in Portugal & Spain due to which Baazwsh came into existence in 2019. The idea behind is to solve problems of our customers by providing them a broad range of desi/indian products. We are continuously focusing to grow our collection in different varieties of items. Our aim is to meet the daily needs of our consumers without them facing any hurdles.

     What we do? 

 All we do is to make your life alot easier by bringing every product to our shelf which is related to your culture cusine, festivals and home tradition. 

  We bring your taste of flavors to you at your doorstep in a short span of time. Baazwsh is currently delivering across the Portugal & Spain through our delivery partner CTT.



Standard Quality

We always source from those suppliers, we know and trust, and who share in our commitment to quality. It's all about safety, delivering on a promise and meeting the very basics of a customer expectations.

We always stand out for quality standards to not disappoint any consumer loyalty towards the brand. 




Why Baazwsh? 

Everything is for you, we are passionate to make you feel relaxed with our next day delivery services by providing an excellent customer service with a wide range of products.

Part of our mission is to be connected with every customer by taking any step which is beneficial for them. We believe to provide the best quality products to our customers on time. We assure you that it is our first priority and there won't be any neglect in this aim.