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Hemani Garlic Oil 30ml - If nature has one best-kept secret to healthy hair it’s Hemani garlic oil!
4000 years ago, the Babylonians used the garlic plant for its many medicinal purposes, including as a powerful decongestant and for its antiseptic qualities.
But garlic oil is also a natural treatment in haircare and can be used on bald patches to activate regrowth.

Garlic oil works by penetrating down into the hair bulb. As it warms the scalp it promotes blood flow to the capillaries, encouraging new hair to grow while preventing existing hair from falling out.

Garlic oil’s many uses make it a bathroom cabinet essential. Among its many benefits, garlic oil:

- prevents hair loss
- stimulates hair regrowth
- fights dandruff and seborrhea
- strengthens hair fibres
- repairs brittle, damaged, and long hair
- promotes healthy blood circulation
- works as a decongestant and antiseptic
- relieves skin and scalp irritation with its antibacterial properties.

For a healthy head of hair, dilute Hemani garlic oil with sweet almond or argan oil and massage directly into the scalp. Leave for a few hours or overnight before washing as normal. Repeat several times a week over a period of 1 to 2 months to see results.

Garlic Oil



Once opened keep in a cool dry place away from the sunlight.



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